Aircraft Management Services

Your time and money are valuable.  You bought an airplane to help you save both.  But, unfortunately, this valuable asset can become a drain on both.  Maintenance, Crew, Operations. . . You have effectively created a new department for your company.  A flight department–without expert employees to man the department!  Suddenly, your time can become an endless “to do” list.

Put the resources back under your control!  Let Millennium Aviation check off the items from your “to do” list through our professional Aircraft Management department.

Millennium Aviation can provide you with a “ready made” flight department.  Our business is professional aircraft management.  We can provide consultation and management including:

  •      Recruiting qualified crews with verified credentials,   
  • experience, and performance.
  •      Maintenance Technicians that meet or exceed
  • national standards.
  •      Compliance with rigid safety, operational and
  • maintenance standards.
  •      Oversee hangar, security and other support services.

Put your asset to work for you!   Your aircraft can become a part of an elite fleet of charter aircraft.  If you choose this option, Millennium Aviation manages it all, including:

  •      Marketing
  •      Scheduling
  •   Oversight/Maintenance
  •   Documentation
  •      Accounting/Billing/Collection
  •      Crews
  •      Personnel/ Human Resources

You have access to your aircraft!  You receive accurate and up to date accounting of all activity for your aircraft.  You are still a part of the management team, but you no longer spend the endless hours on the every day tasks required to run your new first-class flight department. Your plane works and builds income for you when you don’t need it.

You are in control of your valuable assets of time and money with the help of Millennium Aviation.   We proudly offer you the opportunity to grow those assets into a work force for you and your company.